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Beach Rental Properties - Your Vacation Awaits!

A vacation can be many things - it can be as simple as booking time off work to do nothing more than relaxing and taking it easy wherever you live. Or it can involve an elaborate journey to a far away locale where the getting there is just as much a part of the vacation as the intended activity at the final destination point. More often than not, the word vacation instantly calls forth visions of white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and endless amounts of sunshine. Whichever your ideal version is, a vacation is something that is not only desired, but required by all of us at some point or another.

For those that do opt for the resort or tropical vacation option, there is the natural inclination to automatically look at luxury hotels, or all inclusive resorts since these are associated with the notion of getting away and relaxing - what better way to relax than knowing that your every whim will be catered to for the duration of your holiday? These types of vacations can be great stress reducers, being waited on hand and foot is a nice role reversal for anyone who leads a busy life and career in their day to day life. But suppose you want a bit more of a middle ground between your day to day lifestyle and the all inclusive luxury vacation idea?

When you're planning your next getaway, consider a beach rental property. Beach rental properties afford you the experience of living in your own "home" away from home. Renting a home or apartment or condo in an Oceanside community for your vacation will provide you with an entirely new experience - if you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in an oceanfront location, a beach rental property can help you realize this idea in a most luxurious manner. Live like a local in your new home away from home.

Many businesses that offer this type of vacation rental will have many different options for you to choose from. You can go for an ultra contemporary glass and steel type of condo to a palatial estate with sweeping views and multiple rooms to a simple beach apartment. The choice is yours according to what you prefer. Once you've decided on what type of rental property is best for you, you'll need to consider some other things like - proximity to whatever local attractions have piqued your interest, whether or not you'll need certain amenities (such as laundry, full kitchen facilities, etc), and of course, location.

When you're in the planning stages, you'll also have to remember that the dates you want to plan your vacation around may complicate your ability to get that perfect property and location. Plan to do some research and comparisons in order to align all your ideals into the vacation rental and time frame you desire.

Also, while in the planning and booking stages, be sure to have a good knowledge of the surrounding areas when it comes to your desired location - you might not want to rent a property that is located in a high traffic (foot traffic or otherwise) area if peace and quiet is your goal. Also check with the rental management company if there is other rental properties nearby that are being used for family reunions, corporate getaways or weddings as these types of functions will likely mean some disruption to your holiday in the form of noise or late night activity.

Rental property vacations are a great way to relax but still have autonomy. You can settle into your new beach front property and live like a local. You'll experience a wonderful vacation experience that offers all of the resort style amenities you want, but with the modicum of privacy that you enjoy in your everyday life. Your vacation awaits!

Either as an owner or a renter, Florida vacation rentals will work with you in a highly professional and efficient manner. Their standards of excellence are well known in the vacation rental management business. Visit their site today for a full list of properties and services.

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Some of The Worlds Holiday Rental Hotspots

In May 2011, the USA Today published an article about vacation rentals and how they are currently booming. The holiday home rental industry is one of the fastest growing and is taking the travel market by storm, as more property owners find there is money to be made, and the travelling public find there are savings as well as many additional benefits to renting a holiday home. Worldwide there are thought to be 6 million holiday homes available.

There are several regions in the world which are really benefiting from this industry growth, where many properties exist which are available for rent - these are some of the core areas.

The Algarve - Portugal.

On the southernmost cost of Portugal is the Algarve, one of the most popular places for holiday home rentals. This coastal region with many popular beach resorts is Portugal's main tourist destination, enjoying a prime location with warm weather and cool blue seas.

Costa Del Sol - Moving east past the Gibraltar straights along the Mediterranean coast we come to Spain's holiday home hotspot. Literally meaning 'coast of the sun' this area at the south of Spain features many famous towns and popular tourist hotspots. The properties in this region vary from historical white coastal villages to magnificent modern properties with cooling outdoor pools.

Paradiski - France.

Further east and inland into France is the Alpine retreat of Paradiski. This huge ski area allows you to ski between Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and La Plagne, since 2003 when the area was connected by a new double-decker cable car. You can also explore Val D'Isere, Tignes, Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens - some very famous ski resorts. Rented ski chalets are a great way to enjoy a skiing holiday as you get space and privacy to relax after a long day on the slopes.

Tuscany - Italy.

Back into summer, the Tuscany region of Italy is very popular for holiday makers. The Italian culture, and landscapes draw people to Tuscany holiday homes - with many museums devoted to art and science due to the large number of influential figures from history who called Tuscany home. The main City in Tuscany is Florence, one of the most visited cities in the world - outside the city Tuscany has over 120 nature reserves.

Cornwall - England

England has a large holiday home market, not just of properties to rent but also a huge amount of tourists who appreciate a holiday rental over a hotel. While a typical English holiday rental might mean a holiday cottage with a open lounge and roaring fire on a cold English day, it is Cornwall that features as a holiday home hotspot. Cornwall is so popular partly due to the unspoilt country side, as well as an interesting history - but also due to the fantastic sea-side towns with great beaches and interesting attractions.

Paphos - Cyprus

Cyprus may be a relatively small island in the Mediterranean, but in holiday terms it's huge, and while the capital of Nicosia is towards the east of the Island, it is the west coast and Paphos that brings in a large amount of holiday villa rental traffic. With a long hot summer, a wonderful long coastline, and a variety of history, Cyprus enjoys booming tourism which also fuels a growing holiday home rental market.

Florida - USA

Outside of Europe, Florida is one region with a huge holiday home market. There are many reasons why Florida is such a popular holiday destination, from the gorgeous Gulf Coast and places like Clearwater, to great destinations on the east coast such as Miami, Daytona Beach, and the Kennedy Space centre. But one of the main draws for tourists to Florida has got to be the incredible concentration of family fun located in the Orlando Area - with Disney being the most memorable.

The audience that holiday in Florida is also more likely to look at holiday home rentals, as the theme parks bring families and groups of various sizes who will appreciate the flexibility that choosing a holiday home can provide.

From Algarve Holiday Rentals, to Florida Holiday Homes, has a vast amount of holiday property to rent, around the world.

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Are Villa Vacations Just For The Newlywed And The Nearly-Dead?

As I lounged on a lovely white sand beach, eyes closed enjoying the refreshing sea breeze in the shade of a thatched cabana, I overheard a bunch of teenagers complaining as they walked by. One of them ranted, "Villa vacations are for the newlywed and the nearly-dead!"

This remark brought a curious smile to my face and started me thinking about my villa vacation in Jamaica. It's a no-brainer that newlyweds on vacation are honeymooners. But what does the unflattering term, "nearly-dead", mean? It must refer to older seniors who do not have many years left to live.

A Villa Vacation is time spent away from home and work in someone else's private house. It is usually self-catering, and the house is located in a tourist destination, at least somewhere that is different from home.

Newlyweds are supposedly "new" to each other and therefore are satisfied to devote their time to getting to know each other and take pleasure in each other's company. So they do not need a lot of activities or entertainment laid on for them. The nearly-dead are supposedly not very fit and not able to exert themselves too much. Peace and quiet would also appeal to them.

The travel industry is guilty of promoting vacations as action-packed fun-filled days and nights where all kinds of entertainment, attractions and activities are offered. Whatever the latest fad, you can be sure that vacation advertising will feature it with young gorgeous models sporting beaming smiles. It is not far fetched to see images of golfing, scuba diving, kite boarding, kayaking, horseback riding, sailing, etc., all in a thirty second advertisement.

Most villas do not have the amenities of luxury hotels and resorts. So vacationers who have been exposed to the relentless advertising of the travel industry may feel disappointed after they have settled into their villas. Hence the complaints of those whose expectations are unfulfilled.

The smorgasbord of activities and entertainment at hotels and resorts creates a buzz and pressure on guests to be doing something all the time. There is something organized for every minute of the day. Vacationers are fooled into thinking that just because they are around all that stuff on offer, they are having a good time. In fact, it is very tiring. How many times have you heard friends say, on returning home, that they feel like they need a vacation?

Not so with a villa vacation. Because there is no pressure to do things, vacationers can really relax on a villa vacation. Sure, they can go out and do as much as they like, but the important thing is that there is no pressure. They make their own schedules on villa vacations.

But the biggest bonus of this type of holiday is the quality time that people spend together. Families, friends, couples, everyone rediscovers the joys of sharing their time in traditional ways. Like venturing out from the villa to discover the local culture and sites. Staying-in to play board games, tell each other jokes and stories. Good old-fashion fun that rejuvenates the soul in a way that no floor show or toga party can.

Villa vacations are not just for the newlywed and the nearly-dead and when you return home, no matter which age group you fall into, you will wonder where the time went and what you did. But you will be too relaxed to worry about it, and you will be rested and ready to slay the dragons once again.

Prem Chadeesingh is an authority on vacation rentals in Jamaica. He writes for Mysilversands, a company dedicated to providing quality accommodation in Jamaica villas, cottages, and apartments by the sea. Prem lived at Silver Sands Jamaica for over seven years. He holds a BASc degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto and an MBA in International Business from City University of New York.

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Are Vacation Home Rentals Right For You?

To determine whether vacation home rental is right for you or not, you should study the pros and cons of vacation home rentals and at the same time understand the limitations of hotel rooms. There can not be two opinions that the basic purpose of availing vacation is to get away from the drab routine of daily life and spend quality time with your family members and other loved ones. The extent to which you can enjoy your dream vacation largely depends on the type of accommodation you get to stay.

It is a fact that till some years back, there were only hotel accommodation for holidaymakers and there was no alternative. But since then things have changed and today most people opt for holiday homes instead of congested and prosaic hotel rooms. People have realized that vacation homes are indeed home away from home where you can follow your own lifestyle.

Most vacation homes feature multiple bed rooms, living room, dining area, a full fledged kitchen where you can cook your own food, ample floor space to freely move about and for children to play around, balcony etc. The other amenities provided by holiday homes are a flat television, computer with internet connection, music system, DVD, washing machine, refrigerator etc.

Most vacation homes also offer facilities like front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, house keeping, laundry facilities and concierge services. If your family or group size is large and if you are planning a long vacation, then vacation home will prove terribly cost-effective. As vacation homes come in different sizes and varying features, you can choose the one that best meets your requirements, taste and budget.

There is a popular misconception that vacation rental are unaffordable - but the fact is vacation homes range from the luxurious and costly ones to economically priced ones. Vacation rentals can are found in different type of locations. You can opt for one on the beachfront, in the heart of a city, in a calm peripheral area or close to where tourist spots abound.

As opposed to hotel accommodation, you can enjoy greater degree of freedom as well as privacy in vacation homes. This is not to outright condemn hotel accommodation as hotel rooms are best suited for persons planning a couple of days' stay and those on business trips.

Of course, it will also be wrong to infer that vacation rentals are completely devoid of demerits. If your family loves socializing and interacting with local folk and other tourists, then a vacation rental will be less than ideal for you. Again a family-orientated hotel will have facilities like creches, kids' clubs and child minding services throughout the day and this will be highly helpful if you and your partner wish to share some quality time alone.

As with every other choice you make, there has to be some compromises - but in the final analysis the merits of hiring a vacation home will far outweigh hotel accommodation.

Identifying the right vacation rentals on the Internet will not be difficult with the availability of such extraordinarily resourceful sites. There are many agents out there who provide a wide range of vacation homes in many parts of the world. All you have to do is to enter your basic requirement on the search form on their home page, and you will be presented a choice of properties for you to make your pick.

Before you book any holidays check out deals at Florida villas and also vacation rentals. To get more information about Holiday villas visit:

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Apartments for Rent: A Great Alternative to Hotels

When you arrange vacations, booking hotel rooms is a must for most people. Indeed, lots of hotels offer the best deals for customers. These days, hotels offer top quality services at moderate prices. However, you will never feel as if you are at home in the hotel (except for extremely expensive 5 star hotels). Is there solution to this problem? Are there any alternatives to hotels? Listed below are alternative ways to stay in unknown city.

One of the most popular options is to rent apartment. Many people mistakenly think that it is possible to rent a condo for 6 months or more. In fact, a person can rent apartment for 1 or 2 days. This is very convenient for a number of reasons:

Apartment is more convenient than a hotel. You will have kitchen, fresh bedsheets, interesting views from window etc. In other words, you will enjoy the same comforts as you enjoy at home.

Better location. Some hotels are located near airports and transport centers for convenience of travelers. However, it is not very pleasant to hear sound of airplanes that take off. There is a wide choice of apartments for rent in downtown or in popular districts. Thus, if you came for vacations there is no need to always keep in mind how far your hotel is.

You can cook. Of course, many hotels offer excellent cuisine. However, some people have established tastes in food, and thus want to cook exactly what they like and used to eat. Moreover, if you have certain illnesses or problems with digestion restaurant food is unacceptable. Besides, if you want to surprise your wife or girlfriend you may cook a special dinner.

Apartments for rent are generally cheaper than hotel. When you pay for hotel suite you pay for cleaning, security, reception, additional services which you may not use etc. When you rent apartment you pay for apartment.

Here are a few tips on how to look for the best prices:

Compare prices from various real estate agencies. Sometimes different real estate agencies offer the same apartment at different price. Make sure this is a final price and there are no additional (hidden) costs (for example for fresh linen, use of washing machine or a dishwasher).

Is there telephone and the Internet in the apartment? You may find it convenient to go online after a joyful vacation day. Who is responsible for damages and compensation of losses (in case for example you broke TV, washing machine or anything else)? Make sure there is a contract that you sign. If you have no documents that prove your right to live in apartment, its owner may easily call police, stating that a stranger broke in the apartment. Check out the best Odessa apartment prices and enjoy vacations. Odessa is a popular destination in Ukraine. Visit this city and you will be certainly a happy tourist. Article Source:

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